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Dr. — has worked all over the US, and she said the only place she’s heard “vet” used as a verb is in Virginia. For example, people around here say things like “I’d like to make an appointment for Dr. Bossman to come vet my cattle” or “the breeder said this puppy was fully vetted.” It usually means a vet has examined, dewormed, and vaccinated the animal in question.

Is this really just a Virginia thing? I didn’t notice one way or the other up at school in Pennsylvania lol

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Ugh. Emotions.

For the past few days I’ve been fostering a wee beagle(!) pup that was abandoned at our clinic. And tonight he went to his forever home with my mom’s coworker and his girlfriend. It was supposed to just be a “meet him and see if you’re interested” but they’ve been looking to adopt a beagle pup for a while now, and they fell in love *hard* lol

Since they already had supplies at home, and a vet picked out for his well-puppy visit, I let them take him tonight. So glad he’s found a loving home! He’s definitely going to be one of those chunky spoiled sweet beagles, I can tell ;)

But at the same time, I’m sad. Seems I let myself get more attached than I realized. Oh well, time for ice cream and Avatar reruns while cuddling with my critters.

And then on to the next.

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