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aethergarden asked: Just so you're aware that is a blood python and they are naturally heavy bodies like that :) if you check the notes you'll see folks backing this up better than I am. Just wanted to pass along the info

Yup. Noted. Thanks for being polite about it, unlike some other folks :)

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le-acid-kitteh asked: Careful dude, I got ten messages just reblogging that post! Girl has a lot of followers and they don't like the snake being called fat....apparently that's how they're supposed to look and I don't know enough on the subject to argue that point! Some very frustrating craziness in my inbox lol

No fooling! I did, too! And I was just commenting on him calling their reaction ahead of time lol

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Simple names for surgical operations


-tomy: The surgeon cut something.

-ectomy: The surgeon cut something out.

-ostomy: The surgeon cut something to make a mouth. If one organ is named, the mouth opened to the outside of the patient. If two organs are named, the mouth connected two organs.

-plasty: The surgeon changed the shape of an organ.

-pexy: The surgeon moved the organ to the right place.

-rraphy: The surgeon sewed something up.

-desis: The surgeon made two things stick to one another.

(Source:, via veterinaryrambles)

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Heck yes!! I was just forwarded a very complimentary email from my manager, saying that the pharmacy staff appreciated that I cleaned the med fridges at the hospital! How nice! I didn’t think anyone would notice, but it’s a great encouragement to continue being diligent about the little things at work.

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