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Pics from my visit to our head vet’s farm a few months ago (whoops, sorry y’all!). He has a cow-calf operation, and most of his herd are angus and angus/Hereford crosses, with a few charolais crosses as well.

I got to help out with feeding a couple hundred cattle, making rounds through all parts of the pastures to check for new babies, sick animals, broken fences, etc, and watched what happens when you open the gate to a fresh pasture — they will certainly kick up their heels! They liked the handsome new bull we put in there, too ;)

Oh! And I had to herd some naughty young heifers back into their pasture when they decided to go exploring down the lane after Bossman opened the gate to get the truck through lol

And of course all those newbie calves! Too cute!!

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Anonymous asked: Is it that important to shadow Doctors? Just wondering because I plan on going into medicine but from what I hear from some people around me, it's not that important?


Depends on what you define as important. Do AdComs require shadowing? No. Do they like to see it? Yes.

The other question is do YOU consider shadowing important? How can you be sure you want to be a doctor if you haven’t followed one around to see what we do in real life? Could shadowing help you confirm your decision? Could it direct you toward a more specific field of interest? I would think most folks could answer yes to that. So that is why shadowing is important.

Big lesson here: don’t let admission committees direct your actions. Pick your major, extracurriculars, shadowing, etc based on your interests. Do what will benefit you and further your learning. If you do that, you’ll probably impress an AdCom or two along the way.

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As Doc's girl (9) and boy (4) get ready to take their dogs out for a walk.
*to girl* And who is most important to watch while y'all are out?
Other dogs?
Wow. Try again, sweetie.
...My little brother?
Thank you!

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dead-men-talking asked: I must know: what's your favorite animal to pet, and why?


I’ve pet a lot of animals; pangolin, rhino, cheetahs, bear, bats, owls, snakes… the list goes on.
And while getting hugs and kisses (and a ‘good boy’ pat on the head!) from my chimpers was probably the most magnificent cuddle moment of my life, I’m afraid they aren’t my most favourite animal to pet. 
My answer here is much more simple.
A dog.
A dog you know and love. A dog that you can come home to and wrestle with, or go for a run, or just lounge on the sofa with while you watch bad tv. Sure, I love my crazy wildlife stories and I wouldn’t change those experiences for the world… but you can’t let your guard down with them like you can do with a domesticated and properly trained dog. 
It’s not a terribly exciting answer, but a dog just makes a place feel like home. So that’s what it comes down to for me.


(Sleeping on Winnie. We use each other as pillows regularly.)

I concur. Wildlife/exotics are awesome, but I love me some dogs. And kitties are a close second for cuddle times. (As I write this I’m snuggling with two dogs and a cat. Perfect ratio, methinks).

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