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Keeping the faith in med school and residency


Did you find it difficult to properly maintain your spiritual life in med school and now in residency? You’ve mentioned your involvement in your church, but do you have any other tips for ‘keeping the faith’? Thanks! - medicalmysterytour

I’m not going to lie: YES. Absolutely. It is super hard…

Ditto for vet and tech students, except the student group to join is CVM (Christian Veterinary Missions) :)

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Aww, he does care!

Mom said that Duo (my super food motivated, lives to eat kitty) went completely off his feed for the first 2 days I was gone! And even once he started back eating some meals he actually left crunchies in his bowl :( Poor little buddy, tugging my heartstrings!

Now that I’m back he’s trying to make up for lost foods lol

Oh! And Luthien behaved herself! She didn’t even eat Mom’s remote or crunch any of the nephew’s toys! :D

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VETERAN REUNITED WITH HIS STOLEN SERVICE DOG - “Never had a dog,” Mitchell said, breaking down in tears. “I feel like … I feel like I let him down.”

Max, a service dog in training, was stolen from the backyard of Robert Mitchell this past Monday. Max is training to become a service dog for Mitchell who is a 20-year army veteran coping with PTSD and seizures. Fortunately, Max was returned to Mitchell after he received an anonymous text from people who said they had his dog. The circumstances behind Max’s disappearance are unclear. Read more from

It was a happy Independence Day for a disabled veteran who got his service dog back!…Mitchell said his  service dog in-training was stolen from his backyard — taking his beloved pet and his sense of security.

But on the 4th of July, Max was returned to the veteran by a woman who lives just three miles away.

She saw the story on the news and sent him a message saying she had his dog.

Now that Max is back with Mitchell, he can carry on with his important role.

Mitchell served 20 years in the Army and suffers from PTSD and life-threatening seizures. Max is training to alert him before he has a medical emergency.

Glad to see that Max is back with his owner, who obviously needs him very much. Click here for the full story and a news video. 

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Goat kisses!

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